At Intertrust Singapore, we take the interest of our clients first. Whether you are contemplating structuring operations in South East Asia through regional headquarters in Singapore, entering new markets; whether you’re considering retirement in Singapore or buying property for a studying child, we're here to make your aims reality.


Singapore is one of the most popular jurisdictions to establish a business. A pro-business tax regime, an extensive network of double tax treaties and a spotless international reputation provide significant opportunities for individuals and companies worldwide. And we're there to help you to reach your goals.

Quality services
Our highly qualified, experienced staff speak English, Malay, Mandarin and many Chinese dialects. We are able to offer online Human Resource solutions for companies varying from start ups to large multinationals. Our office offers corporate services in the corporate secretarial, local management and accounting domains. We also provide private wealth solutions for individual business owners, professionals, fund managers or other individuals who wish to structure and protect their wealth.

Scrutineer services
With our extensive experience in Corporate secretarial services and impeccable reputation with local regulators, Intertrust Singapore can act as an independent scrutineer during a meeting of shareholders. We will act as the independent agency that observes the voting or polling process in order to check that the voting rules are followed. As we have done so for many listed companies before. Want to know more, please download our brochure below or contact Mrs. Jennifer Lee.