Corporate social responsibility

We wish to be the global leader in our industry while building a sustainable business. We will achieve this by building a balanced relationship with all Intertrust stakeholders including employees, clients, business partners, investors, the communities we operate in and society at large.

Intertrust CSR programme

In 2016 we continued to develop our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, our global approach to sustainability that guides our actions. It focuses on the following three areas:

Business Ethics & Compliance

We recognise that by assisting reputable companies, financial institutions, funds and private individuals to comply with their legal, financial and regulatory reporting obligations we are creating conditions for the sound, transparent and lawful conduct of international trade and investment. Making choices about who we serve and how we serve them is an important part of this process. We therefore consider compliance and integrity within a stringent regulatory environment to be an integral part of our business identity.

At Intertrust we adhere not only to the letter but also the spirit of laws and treaties, including those which govern our client’s dealings. We know our clients and the business they operate in, and do careful and continuous checks to verify their statements to us. We ensure that the entities we manage for our clients meet all local regulations, including any financial, legal and regulatory requirements and obligations to which our clients are bound under the laws and regulations wherever we do business with them.

We have clear strategic goals regarding the types of clients we do and do not wish to serve, which are reflected in company-wide client acceptance policies. We take a view on what type of legal entities and structures are sustainable from a regulatory, compliance and risk management perspective, and proactively revise our policies in line with changing societal norms. Consultations with regulators help us to continually improve our operations specifically and industry standards in general.

Robust internal governance, supported by procedures and systems, form our compliance framework. We apply a variety of means to ensure our employees are guided by high levels of personal and professional integrity, including our Compliance Charter, Code of Conduct, regular training programs, mandatory client file checks, ongoing screening of clients, and transaction monitoring. In addition, local and global acceptance committees are responsible for approving any new business. These measures ensure that our employees are able to implement our high standards of compliance in providing our services. More detail on our Compliance and Risk Management practices can be found in that chapter on 74 of the 2016 Annual report.

People & Culture

We endeavour to be the employer of choice in our sector and are committed to partnership and integrity in the workplace. We make substantial investments to ensure a sustainable growth path for our company by fostering a healthy company culture, and developing our employees.

Corporate values

Our corporate values are:

  • partnership
  • people
  • commitment
  • integrity
  • quality

Corporate values are an integral part of our recruitment and selection process, and of our performance management system. Our values are reflected in internal and external communications and marketing materials and presentations, in employee appraisals, through the Code of Conduct, and through the example of our senior management.

In 2016, we conducted a cultural ‘Temperature Check’ with 40 members of senior management in the form of extensive interviews, followed by a discussion on desired behaviours and culture with the top 150 in the organisation at the 2016 international leadership and integration event. In light of the Elian integration, a broader culture project has been undertaken, which will continue into 2017. The objective of these activities is to foster an open culture in the organisation and translate our corporate values into desired behaviours.

Engaging our people

We recognise the need to engage proactively and on an ongoing basis with our people. Our Human Resources strategy rewards desired behaviour as well as increasing employee engagement. Employee engagement is driven locally, with Human Resources playing a supporting role to the business.

The Intertrust Foundation - supporting youth and education worldwide

Global initiatives

The Foundation runs global initiatives in support of educational programmes, of which the most significant has been its partnership with ChildFund International in Gambia from 2012 to 2014. This resulted in the construction and delivery of an Early Childhood and Development (ECD) Centre in Bullenghat in 2014, which includes classrooms, a kitchen and dining hall and ancillary rooms. The Centre, which currently caters to some 115 children between the ages of 0-6, was made possible through a company donation of EUR 60,000, equivalent to 60 euros for each of our 1,000 employees at the time.

In 2015 on the occasion of the IPO, a donation of EUR 100,000 was made to WarChild, an international organisation which helps children recover from war-related trauma.

In 2017, the Foundation will initiate a new multi-year global project.

Local initiatives

A large number of fund-raising events and donations were also organised by local employees in 2016, including bake and food sales, raffles, sporting events, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, running the New York Marathon and office ‘dress-down’ days. The proceeds of many of these were matched with donations from the Foundation and were part of our wider ‘One Intertrust, Give It Your All’ initiative.

Other organisations that were supported locally focus on areas such as homelessness, environmental protection, facilities for the blind, disaster relief, medical research, health and wellness, and cultural preservation.

For more detailed information about our employees’ charitable activities in local jurisdictions, please download the Intertrust Foundation Annual Report 2014