Corporate social responsibility

CSR has become a defining element of our corporate identity. It is an essential part of how we conduct our business. If we look at the world today we see an opportunity and demand for private sector companies to become involved in community work and take responsibility for a broader range of themes related to sustainability and the environment. We took up that challenge and have embedded CSR in our organisation through a global programme.

Corporate Social Responsibility programme

Intertrust’s worldwide CSR programme is built on three cornerstones:

Growing a sustainable business

We are committed to building long term relationships with our stakeholders: our clients, employees and regulators. That is why Intertrust attaches much importance to a strong culture of integrity, compliance, governance, auditing and financial management and why we have built rigorous internal processes to ensure responsible practices and monitoring around these disciplines. In this way we can ensure that, in close cooperation with professional legal advisors, tax advisors and local authorities, we support our clients in accordance with the highest standards of business integrity and professionalism.

Our ethical standards, policies and procedures, together with the appropriate laws and regulations, are our reference for providing compliant trust, corporate and fund services. Our employees are trained to apply this compliance framework and to pay close attention to the background of beneficial owners and directors of a client entity, and also to the business rationale of a structure.

Our employees globally work on the basis of the same values, paying full attention to quality, commitment, people, partnership and integrity in the workplace. These values are a central part of the annual performance management cycle and have become an integral part of how we behave daily, giving us guidance in case of dilemmas. We invest in our relationships with our clients, to service them with the highest standards, bringing them the best solutions and a high level of responsiveness. We make substantial investments in the development of our people and our future leaders to ensure a sustainable growth path for the company.

Reducing our impact on the environment

We are committed to limit the environmental impact of our facilities and operations. For this we have established a global Green Task Force that monitors our energy and paper consumption, helps the firm set targets for reduction and promotes environmentally friendly initiatives also in other areas such as recycling and waste reduction. We identify, highlight and share environmental best practices across local Intertrust offices and implement these globally whenever possible. In addition, we encourage local innovation and employee participation in “green” community projects. 

A few examples of current green initiatives:

  • A growing number of our offices has been bestowed with a ‘green’ certificate and we continue to reduce our energy consumption by programming our climate control systems to save energy as much as possible and by making sure lights and computers are (automatically) switched off when they are not needed;
  • We are increasingly ‘virtualising’ our network servers worldwide, leaving a lot less physical network servers required and, subsequently, a considerable reduction in electricity needed;
  • Increasingly, on a global scale, we digitalise our work as much as possible, limiting the need for paper archives and storage facilities. In addition, our staff is encouraged to minimise their paper usage – e.g. by providing double screens for better readability and promoting double-sided printing;
  • Intertrust Singapore has initiated a partnership with ECO Singapore to help advocate an environmental sustainable lifestyle for youth and initiate environmental outreach projects within Singapore.
The Intertrust Foundation - supporting youth and education worldwide

In 2011 our company launched the Intertrust Foundation. The Intertrust Foundation engages and supports staff worldwide in providing pro bono services, participating in fund raising and facilitating team or individual initiatives to support youth and education both internationally and locally. By joining forces we intend to truly add value to societies by giving young children the prospect of a better future. The Intertrust Foundation is an employee led initiative, for which all large offices have an ambassador that encourages and supports staff to reach out to youth in their local communities. This employee engagement is a central element of our CSR strategy and inspires meaning and pride in our organisation while contributing to the communities we work in.

Apart from local initiatives by staff towards youth and education, Intertrust also selected a worldwide partner to support as a Group. There are many regions in the world that could benefit from our support. After thorough consideration, we decided to enter into a partnership with ChildFund International The Gambia. ChildFund International is an internationally recognised and accredited non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a global presence, dedicated to supporting children and young people across the world. As such, ChildFund International is an ideal partner for our CSR programme.

To underline our support for youth and education and mark our 60th anniversary in 2012, Intertrust is helping ChildFund The Gambia with the construction of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre for children aged 0-6. In addition, 10 Senior Managers visited The Gambia on a leadership journey, helping ChildFund promoting youth entrepreneurship and partnerships in the field of youth and education.

Download the Intertrust Foundation Annual Report 2014 for more information.