Vision, mission and values

Our vision

We will be recognised as the global leader in the trust and corporate services industry, as the most professional firm, maintaining the highest standards and working together as “One Intertrust, One Team”. We distinguish ourselves by being the most responsive and by being dedicated to delivering dynamic and innovative solutions to our clients.

Our mission

  • We will build and sustain the best global team in the industry with the highest professionalism and integrity. We will invest in people and technological capability to enable this ambition.
  • We will build long-lasting partnerships with our clients and their advisors, who value our personal service and the importance we attach to fulfilling our and our clients’ responsibilities. 
  • We will grow, organically, by expanding our global network and broadening our service offering in key jurisdictions. We will, through careful selection, acquire and successfully integrate companies in line with our mission.
  • We will foster a culture of exchanging, connecting and sharing knowledge and best practices in the service of our clients who face a fast changing regulatory environment.

Our values

The Intertrust mark is a sign of premium quality. We never put our name to anything unless it lives up to our principles. This is what we want to live up to:

We deliver the highest standards

Our clients need the most suitable solution with best possible quality. No more. No less.

We seek long term commitment with our clients

Our company is all about longevity. We believe in looking after our clients for the long term.

We build our company on talent

To provide the best services, we bring out the best in our people.

We're dedicated to helping others succeed

Active cooperation with colleagues and intermediaries across the globe ensures added value for all our clients. When you succeed, we succeed.

We always act with integrity

Our clients’ good name and good fortune matter to us. They can trust us to safeguard their privacy and reputation as fiercely as our own.