Intertrust will be sponsoring the Invest Europe Investors' Forum 2017

Intertrust is pleased to announce it is sponsoring the Invest Europe Investors' Forum 2017 in Geneva. Over 200 LPs and over 200 GPs attend with a strict one-to-one ratio of LPs to GPs. The event delivers unparalleled relationship building in a collegiate, non-commercial environment.

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Blog post: "Dealing with the challenges of transparency" by Paul Lawrence

In the build up to the Forum, Paul Lawrence talks about the challenges of the ever increasing demand by investors and regulators in the private equity environment for transparency following the financial crisis. He shares his views in his blog post on Invest Europe's website: Read the full blog post.

Hot topic debate: 'Where is the LP/GP Relationship Going?' moderated by Paul Lawrence

On the first day of the forum Paul Lawrence, Global Head Fund Services, will be moderating a hot topic debate on the direction that the LP/GP relationship is currently going. "Investors are digging much deeper into a fund’s strategies to ensure the desired returns and reduce risks. Increased transparency demands and technology requirements by LPs are indicators of the control shift in the LP/GP dynamic. This oxford style debate between a LP and a GP will take a closer look at trends transforming this crucial relationship, focusing on the following practical points of discussion: transparency and data, cost, impact, and reducing the compliance burden."
Members of the expert panel are Claus Stenbaek, Managing Partner, Keyhaven Capital (LP debater) and Dr Marcel Wilhelm, Managing Director, Brockhaus Private Equity (GP debater). 
29 March, 12:30 hours - Hot Topic Debate: Where is the LP/GP Relationship Going?

Meet us at the Forum

Besides Paul Lawrence, three other experts will represent Intertrust. Make sure to get in touch with them if you'd like to meet up during or outside of the Forum.

For further information
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Global Head Fund Services
Intertrust Group
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Boudewijn Korten
Senior Manager Business Development, Intertrust Switzerland
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Kerstin Lindgren
Kerstin Lindgren
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