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FastTrack: Consultancy

We know how difficult it is to invest, grow and thrive when you’re faced with multiple internal and external pressures. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, you need speedy access to the right knowledge and skills.

At Intertrust Group, our team of global specialists are ready to help you accelerate the possible. Whether you need quick support to diversify into new markets or asset classes, expand your business or stay on top of shifting local regulations, we will give more power to you.


to the future of fund SPV management

As fund managers face ever-growing data demands from investors, they must embrace technology to stay one step ahead and optimise workflows.

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to sport financing structures

The sports sector is set to thrive, despite challenges posed by the pandemic – and organisations looking to raise finance have several options to consider.

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to rewarding and retaining your best talent

Competitive reward programmes will help you attract top talent and unleash the potential of your employees – but implementing them can be complex.

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to navigating the Investment Limited Partnership legislation

Ireland’s updated ILP law has made this jurisdiction even more attractive to private investment funds – so now is the time to seize these growing prospects.

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to global real estate structures

The global pandemic may have taken its toll on the global real estate market – but there are still ample opportunities to prepare for, as economies recover.

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to private capital investment in China

China’s private capital sector will play a crucial role in post-pandemic recovery, and our local experts can help you accelerate the possible.

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