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FastTrack to the future of fund SPV management


The most successful private capital firms have always tried to keep one step ahead, proactively embracing digitisation, leveraging data and optimising workflows.

And as investors request more timely and comprehensive information on their investments, it’s vital that you have the processes, tools, and expertise in place to meet those demands.

The solution requires a holistic and centralised approach. Achieving data consolidation, aggregation, and management across all SPVs globally can deliver a level of transparency that today’s investors crave, and tomorrow’s investors expect. All whilst unlocking the insight that drives better decision making across your front and middle office.

Unleash the potential of your data.

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Embracing digitalisation

Fund managers continue to look to expand their investment strategies into multiple jurisdictions and each time they do so, they’re forced to navigate the complexity; more regulatory and compliance requirements, more deadlines to adhere to, more documents to collect, more KYC processes and more difficulty in gaining accurate oversight across their SPV structures.

At the same time, everything is becoming more data centric. As investors request more timely and comprehensive data on their investments, fund managers are needing to adapt to meet their demands.

The need to digitalise is becoming ever-more prevalent. In our latest research report on ‘The Future Private Capital CFO’1, more than 300 private capital fund CFOs agreed that there’s an intense need for managers and investors to gain an immediate pulse on their portfolio performance. Managers desire an integrated portal, which can monitor operational SLAs and compliance calendars across SPVs in different jurisdictions– in some cases cutting across service providers. They want easy access to a transparent, complete picture on the governance and good standing of their entire SPV portfolio, supporting underlying investments.

Technology has revolutionised fund accounting and related operations in private capital firms. However, legal entity administration remains challenging with the need to manage multiple service providers across multiple jurisdictions. And, with investors seeking greater transparency, private capital firms are looking to their service providers to bring operational efficiency, increased oversight, and strict compliance for all their global legal entities.

Dashboards and data feeds are slowly becoming reality, but things need to go much deeper and broader than they currently do to really unleash the potential of digitisation. Data needs to be aggregated from a myriad of platforms and repositories, standardised, and controlled. It needs to be customised to each firm and each fund. Accounting, reconciliation, KYC, treasury, and cash monitoring data will need to feed in. This data then needs to be turned into the insight and made easily accessible if it’s to ever improve a firms’ decision making or satisfy investor’s increasing demands for transparency and customised reporting.

Current norms for data delivery will step up significantly in the near future. So, in the medium- to-long run, automation will be crucial. Having access to timely, accurate data at the click of button not only generates significant cost efficiencies, it also garners far greater investor confidence.

1The future private capital CFO: evolving in a digital age’, published February 2021.

Leveraging data

Entity administration conducted in-house, and/or by multiple third parties, contributes to the scale of disparate data and documents (digital and physical) and the volume of small administrative tasks that must be undertaken. It’s common for the data available to be unstructured, erroneous and incomplete, which results in imperfect analysis, duplication of data, and multiple, siloed, workarounds to compensate. The finance and operating teams in private capital firms are missing out on single view of all SPV related data.

Creating, bespoke, useful reports is a basic expectation from investors – but it’s often easier said than done. Being able to go further and turn those reports into the insights that can support decision making and growth is the ultimate goal. However, in many cases, those wishes are often unfulfilled. Furthermore, data governance and quality will be obligatory as investor demands – and indeed regulatory requirements – become more complex.

In achieving the nirvana of consolidated data, you’ll be able to satisfy investor demands for greater transparency and adhere to evermore complex regulatory requirements. Aggregated data, integrated workflows and tools that bring the back, middle and front offices together will improve commercial performance and form a foundation for good compliance and risk management. The right solution will also help you demonstrate operational maturity and capital efficiency more comprehensively, with fully standardised data and the ability to extract performance insights when you need them.

Commonly asked questions

  • How can we get a view of our tax and regulatory compliance calendar in each jurisdiction?
  • How much do we spend on our middle office today?
  • What’s the cash balance across all bank accounts and currencies for all the SPVs we maintain?
  • What’s the cost and various fees for SPVs globally?
  • What’s the best and most efficient way of storing, maintaining and managing KYC across SPVs globally?
  • How can data be consolidated across the SPVs, the fund, the GP/Management Company and the underlying portfolio companies?
  • What are the key indicators and best practice for demonstrating oversight, transparency and operational risk management?
  • How can we improve our risk profile?

Optimising workflows

Today’s leading managers recognise that when they adopt a holistic and centralised approach to data management, stewardship and governance, data can be standardised, aggregated, and made available to stakeholders. This is a vital component of the future of fund SPV management.

Some are trying to achieve this in-house, while others prefer the flexibility afforded by centralising and outsourcing, to ensure quality, and an ability to scale and control costs.

Private capital managers are constantly looking for ways to raise cheaper capital and increase assets under management. Having effective workflows that open treasure troves of data can make a real impact on the growth of returns whilst also minimising risk. Reducing the cost and burden of administration is an obvious benefit. Another game changer could also be automating NAV calculations. When people, technology and process all work together, that’s when you can really accelerate the possible.

The impact of workflow optimisation

An example of workflow optimisation is the ability to accurately forecast cash and produce reports that can satisfy whether investor distributions can be made, new assets acquired with the cash held across multiple bank accounts and whether there is enough cash to pay invoices and maintain any bank covenants.

The ultimate aim is to make cash work for the investors and reduce the cost of funds. Any unutilised cash sitting in bank accounts is a cost of capital that could be optimised. To forecast accurate cash positions, there needs to be standardised data, complete budgets and accounting information, up-to-date balances for each bank account and a full view of future pay runs. This, of course, is complex enough but an international portfolio and in-year purchase orders that sit outside of budget can make things even harder. Identifying when cash is required is key to forecasting, and this is where workflow design and tools play a pivotal role.

Workflow design considerations include:

  • How can we improve cash forecasting and utilisation?
  • How can we continue to meet investor demands for more information?
  • How can we drive costs down across the portfolio?
  • How can we manage financial compliance more effectively?
  • How can we reduce the strain of audits?
  • How can we improve the way we value our assets?
  • How do we ensure compliance and reduce the risk of fines or suspension?
  • How do we improve financial control?
  • How can we ensure we comply with banking covenants?
  • How can we future proof our workflows?

The future of fund SPV management

The demands of the private capital market are rapidly changing and managers are looking for better solutions from their service providers. They’re looking to providers to tailor SPV management and operations for private investment funds and deliver enhanced data and reporting through technology-led solutions.

In total, we manage and service more than 57,000 entities across our global network. We understand the challenge and complexity involved with managing hundreds of SPVs at a time and the related activities including maintaining a robust process, global compliance, regulatory filing, payments and cash monitoring.

Our experts can leverage their experience in the industry to help you optimise your workflows and understand the role technology can play in making everything a little easier. We’ll test new workflows with just a few SPVs, before refining, industrialising, and embedding things for you so you can operate your business as usual.

Our Prime SPV solution is tech-driven and complements our leading corporate services and legal entity administration. We can enable private capital firms to bring all their SPV-related static, transactional, accounting and compliance data in one place. Our dashboard has the unique ability to bring data not only from Intertrust Group but also from client in-house systems and any other third-party administrators. And, we can feed through additional data including accounting, KYC, regulatory reporting and invoices.

Our proprietary Prime SPV solution is entirely customisable and made up of two elements:

1. Base Components

Our dashboard is offered to private capital firms managing a large number of SPVs

We can assist you with the day-to-day operations of your SPV portfolio, managing multiple service providers and aggregating data efficiently and accurately. These features include:

  1. One true, global, view of your legal entities and their overall operations status all accessible via our proprietary technology, IRIS
  2. Oversight of global entity structure charts
  3. Full visibility of tasks that are complete and/or outstanding
  4. Access to your compliance and regulatory calendar

2. Custom Add-Ons

Custom add-ons provide additional value to your dashboard as we understand no two firms, or their data, are the same

We understand the need for a customisable option where your data demands differ depending on the firm and its funds. Some of the custom-made features include:

  1. Accounting data and feeds
  2. Bank reconciliations – daily, monthly or quarterly across multiple currencies globally
  3. Cash monitoring and cash flow management through integrated single view bank balance view
  4. Treasury services
  5. Regulatory reporting
  6. Audit coordination and workflow tracking along with Auditors and internal Tax teams
  7. iKYC – digital reporting
  8. Digital collaboration platform to exchange KYC and all other related documents
  9. Bespoke and tailored features to suit your needs

Benefits of our Prime SPV Solution

Staying on top of compliance and regulatory deadlines.

Central repository of key documents

A fully transparent view across all your SPVs, globally

The ability to demonstrate operational maturity and transparency to your investors

Access to all your static, transactional and compliance data in one place

Centralised data management, data stewardship and data governance

Consolidation of your data is available at any level

A single source of data producing insight to drive your decision making

Oversight of structure charts and all data, regardless of your provider

Efficient and automated workflows

Service requests

Access to an intuitive user interface giving you accurate data for reporting to your stakeholders

Document collaboration and workflows

Workflow tracking and monitoring

Standardised and consistent reports available at the click of a button

Access to an intuitive user interface giving you accurate data for reporting to your stakeholders

Complete control of your full audit

Core end-to-end SPV services

Our Prime SPV solution for clients with a large number of SPVs neatly complements our core end-to-end SPV services. This is why we’re a global leader in corporate services and legal entity administration.

SPV services

We can take care of SPV and legal administration at any stage of the investment life cycle

Our range of specialised corporate, accounting and reporting services can remove any burdensome tasks. From setting up the entity, to the day-today management and reporting, all the way through to liquidation, we’ll provide the support you need to manage your corporate operations.

Our services include

  • Incorporation
  • Director services
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Accounting and reporting andaudit liaising
  • Tax compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • and KYC support
  • Bank account set up and payments

Office & human capital

We can help you with any office space and human capital support services you may require

We can assist with an office address and fully furnished office space, IT connectivity, along with a wide range of human capital support services. This helps you accelerate the possible in building a substantial presence in any primary SPV jurisdiction.

Our services include

  • Provision of a registered office
  • IT connectivity
  • Meeting rooms and/or private office space
  • Human capital support
  • Payroll administration
  • Economic substance requirements

What makes us different?

We’re a global leader when it comes to legal entity administration. Our global team is well-equipped to deliver our Prime SPV solution, across all private capital asset classes and across all jurisdictions.

Our experts can leverage their experience in the industry to help you leverage your data, optimise your workflows and understand the role technology can play in making everything a little easier. As you look to continually grow and expand your investment strategies into multiple jurisdictions, you need to address regulatory and compliance requirements, ensure tight due diligence and provide more and more transparent reporting to meet your investor demands.

By partnering with us, we’ll help you take care of your large portfolio of SPVs, and underlying investments, as well as making your life easier in the day-to-day management of multiple service providers and the subsequent data aggregation.

We regularly help our clients with technology-driven solutions and are always developing new products to meet their objectives, while reducing reliance on in-house operations.

We service clients from 30+ jurisdictions

More than 4,000 experts in more than 30 jurisdictions across the globe. With our network of approved partners, we can service clients from 130+ jurisdictions. 7 of the top 10 largest corporations in the world have chosen us as their partner.

We service more than 45,000 SPVs globally. 30 of the top 50 largest corporations in the world are our clients.

40 of the top 50 Private Equity International firms are our clients, PEI 300. Our global and diversified client base comprises more than 8,000 client groups, servicing more than 57,000 entities.

We service more than 200 of the world’s largest private capital fund managers globally. We have unrivalled expertise across all private capital asset classes including debt, private equity, real estate and infrastructure.

We utilise state-of-the-art proprietary technology, combined with leading vendor platforms.

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