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How to shift our onboarding strategy to virtual platforms?

8 April 2020

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Intertrust Group quickly reacted and put in place a remote work scheme amid the COVID-19 outbreak. With most of our employees currently working from home, it was necessary to adapt to the status quo.

One of the pillars of this new routine is a robust new joiners onboarding process. Onboarding is key for any organisation, besides being the first official impression and typically conducted over a series of face-to-face meetings. In this new remote working landscape, an opportunity arose to rethink the existing process to properly welcome the newly remote colleagues.

The first induction days include group meetings with HR members and other key support teams, direct managers and ultimately members of the leadership team. Hence the subsequent question: are our IT and HR teams fully prepared to pivot to a virtual onboarding process

“All of this is new for me; this experience was amazing and very impressive. It was the first time I joined a professional video conference, so I felt a little stressed. In the end, there was a great atmosphere and we had very good presentation.” – New joiner at Intertrust Group

Despite the challenge of shifting the strategy in a matter of days, both HR and IT teams collaborated to implement new measures tailored to the situation and to keep business as usual. On the one side, IT provided the vital technology to deal with any scenario, be it client-facing or internal. On the other side, HR developed a new digital engagement programme covering all the topics it would have had in a traditional set up.

The digital onboarding plan includes fundamental matters to ensure a smooth integration within the company, but also specific sessions on how to work remotely during the isolation period. Once the first introductory part is completed, new joiners have dedicated time to meet their team and to get used to collaborate with them virtually. The key is to ensure that they are properly welcomed, and they get a full understanding of our business and values.

“Thank you very much for the presentations, for the online onboarding programme and all the support from the HR and IT teams. This makes the new joiners feel comfortable despite the current COVID-19 and social distance situation, which is new to everyone.” – New joiner at Intertrust Group.

While onboarding new joiners in the upcoming weeks, we’re still hiring for a range of positions worldwide, please do check out our open positions here.