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Intertrust Group hosts webinar with Global Custodian on adapting to new data and reporting requirements

13 July 2021

Chitra Baskar

Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Funds & Product

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Chitra Baskar

Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Funds & Product

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Intertrust Group, together with Global Custodian, held an in-depth webinar that brought together a range of industry experts to consider how CFOs can adapt to the growth of new data and reporting requirements by both clients and regulators.

The discussion ranged over the nature of the data challenges faced by these CFOs and the steps that could be taken to meet them. Intertrust Group’s Chitra Baskar, Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Funds and Product, outlined that a definitive and clear push towards greater transparency and more information is evident in the face of changes in market structure. “With separately managed accounts comes the need for more oversight,” she suggested, adding that the private capital world is following trends among liquid alt funds, which she saw as continuing to “move in the direction of providing greater comfort to investors.”

Chitra was joined by Patrik Burnäs, Global Head of EQT Fund Operations at EQT, Cyril Demaria, Affiliate Professor at EDHEC and Maqbool Mohamed, CFO & COO at Clarion Partners Europe. The webinar was moderated by Richard Schwartz, Head of Research at Global Custodian.

Panellists accepted that the nature of the investments undertaken by private capital funds as opposed to hedge funds would always have an impact on the type and frequency of information that could be made available to investors and regulators, since the former are not dealing with assets typically subject to overnight valuation. Nevertheless, Chitra concluded, while it may be impractical to expect the equivalent information turnaround and transparency from both illiquid and liquid managers, that does not absolve private fund CFOs from providing their investors with the best data their technology – or that of their service providers – can offer.

Read the full write-up on Global Custodian, here.


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