We are sponsoring the BVCA National Dinner Series 2017

The BVCA National Dinner Series kicks off in April and we are looking forward to be sponsors again this year.

We are delighted to be again sponsoring the BVCA National Dinner Series and throughout 2017 we will be visiting various UK regions.

The BVCA National Series of Dinners are the premier annual gatherings of private equity and venture capital professionals in the UK.

Appealing to private equity and venture capital professionals in the UK, the BVCA dinners are ideal for networking and entertaining clients.  Hosted in cities across the country and throughout the year, the dinners feature a variety of high-profile speakers.

The high-calibre audience to the dinners typically consists of industry practitioners, specialist advisers and service providers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

The dinners are taking place as follows:

Yorkshire and North East Dinner: 20 April 2017

Northern Ireland Dinner: 27 April 2017

Wales and South West Dinner: 04 May 2017

Midlands Dinner: 18 May 2017

Scotland Dinner: 08 June 2017

Channel Islands Dinner: 06 July 2017

North West Dinner:14 September 2017

If you would like to attend one of these dinners you can register by visiting the BVCA website.

All proceeds from the fundraising elements at these seminars will be donated to charity.

We hope to see you at one of these dinners during 2017.