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UBO register is live in Luxembourg

1 March 2019

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As of today, 1 March 2019, the long-anticipated UBO register has come live as part of the Luxembourg Business Register (LBR).

Find out more about the background and requirements of the UBO register in our previous update here.

Now that the register is live, how to ensure your Luxembourg companies remain compliant?

Who can enter data into the register?

The UBO register information can be filed by the Luxembourg company itself, its representative or a notary on behalf of the company. The end responsibility for keeping the data up to date is with the company.

How is the filing done?

The UBO register information can be submitted electronically via the LBR website or on-site at the Luxembourg Business Register during usual business hours.

The filing must be submitted in French, German or Luxembourgish, using Latin alphabet and Roman or Arabic numerals.

Each accepted registration is filed in the company’s file, along with the date and identification number of the registration and an acknowledgement receipt is provided.

What information and documents must be provided?

All Luxembourg companies with a trade register number, including investment funds, are obliged to file the following information about the UBO:

  • Name and surname
  • Nationality
  • Date and place of birth
  • Country of residence
  • Private or professional address*
  • National identification number*
  • Nature and extent of the effective interests held
  • Details with * are only visible to national authorities.

The filing must be accompanied by supporting documents, including:

  • For first time registration with the LBR: a copy of an original identification document of the UBO (e.g. passport copy) with translation in French, German or Luxembourgish if the original document is not written in Latin character.
  • For requesting restricted access: written request for access restriction may be submitted at the time of the initial filing or any time after. Access restriction is only given in case of exceptional circumstances, e.g. UBO is a minor, risk of extortion, kidnapping, violence, intimidation or alike. Limited access may apply for a maximum of 3 years at a time, after which the restriction may be renewed.

What are the deadlines?

All existing companies have 6 months to comply with the filing obligation. New companies must file within 1 month of incorporation. Any changes to existing filings must be done within 1 month of the change taking place.

How can Intertrust help?

Our team is ready to provide the following three activities related to the UBO register:

  • Determining the UBO/person to be registered
  • Compiling the UBO file to be kept at the company’s address
  • Filing the UBO/person with the register

For more information on our UBO register services, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts below or via [email protected].