Intertrust Japan provides a wide range of services to Japanese corporate clients with hands-on guidance in cross-border corporate structuring. The global Intertrust network has been active in Japan for a long time, assisting well over 500+ corporate clients among them being the Japanese trading houses, financial institutions, asset management companies and investment funds. The industries our Japanese client base is active in varies from shipping, oil & gas and energy projects to automotive, telecom, real estate investment and aviation.


  • Investment Funds
  • Structured Finance Vehicles
  • Trusts
  • Companies and Partnerships

Intertrust Japan is your local liaison and first point of contact with a global network and high-level expertise supporting your cross-border business, but with the advantage being available in your own time zone. You can rely on a partner that offers international corporate structuring and implementation services. The dedicated and experienced staff at our Tokyo-based office is your local liaison that connects you to the rest of the Intertrust network. Our level of support and communication capabilities is even more complete thanks to our Japan Desks that are available in some key jurisdictions. Setting up a company abroad can be challenging, due to cultural, legal and economic differences. We are there to assist you to overcome those challenges by introducing our network of offices that has extensive experience with the implementation, management and administration of international structures.

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We are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements in order to ensure the best solution for your situation. For additional information, please contact:

Skip Hashimoto
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Kosaku Yoshioka
Managing Director, Intertrust Japan
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M: +81 701 368 4182

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