Guernsey has a well-established legal and regulatory system which has been enhanced over the years by the introduction of modern legislation covering all important aspects of the finance industry. This has resulted in Guernsey developing and maintaining a reputation as a robust, well-regulated, first-class finance centre in which to conduct business. Guernsey’s tax neutrality, its long history of financial and political stability, good banking and professional infrastructure, GMT time zone and proximity to the UK and Europe, have ensured that Guernsey remains a leading offshore financial centre. It was placed on the OECD G20 white list for offshore jurisdictions in 2009, which reflects its high standards of international compliance and transparency.

Intertrust Guernsey provides a wide range of services for private clients and corporate clients alike, with an emphasis on personal trust and stable, long-term business relationships. Our skilled staff are enthusiastic and highly qualified and pride themselves on providing the service our clients require.


  • Trust and Corporate
  • Out-Sourcing Compliance
  • Taxation and Fund Administration
  • Private Wealth Services

The Island is widely recognised as one of the world’s premier international finance centres. A dependency of the British Crown but with its own legislature, it does not form part of the United Kingdom nor is it a member of the European Community. Guernsey covers approximately 24 square miles and is situated in the Gulf of St Malo, 60 miles southwest of Britain and about 30 miles west of Northern France. It has a population of just over 60,000 people. With its relaxed life style, mild climate and entrepreneurial spirit, Guernsey is an attractive jurisdiction through which both people and corporates can structure or relocate their financial affairs. Guernsey is in the same time zone as London and is English speaking. It has frequent air links to London and other United Kingdom airports which enable one-day business trips. The Island has no capital gains, inheritance, wealth or sales taxes and neither does it have VAT. There is a flat standard rate of income tax for Guernsey resident individuals of 20% with tax capping for higher earners in certain circumstances.

Intertrust Guernsey is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and specialises in the provision of corporate, fund administration and private wealth services. Our team of professional administrators provides bespoke, secretarial, administration, accounting and directorship services to a wide variety of structures, including investment funds, trusts, holding vehicles and numerous other types of corporate vehicle. We provide these services through three services lines: Intertrust Corporate Services has extensive experience in establishing many forms of domestic and cross-border corporate vehicles, investment trusts and partnerships. We also provide ongoing administration and accounting services to those entities, and our clients are typically involved in initial and other public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, joint ventures, financing arrangements and disposals. Intertrust Fund Services provides full administration services for private equity, real estate, infrastructure and mezzanine funds. Our clients are diverse and range from institutions to start-up fund managers, and our services to investors and sponsors include: Fund launches; Administration and accounting; Corporate offshore administration; Listing services; Directorship services; Registered transfer agent services. Intertrust Private Wealth caters for the needs of high net worth individuals, wealthy families, family offices and owner-managed businesses. We offer tailored and discreet administration services to all types of vehicles used in private structures including companies, trusts, foundations and partnerships.


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