The jurisdiction of Spain has drawn much attention in recent years from private as well as corporate clients, mostly because of its advantageous position for structuring assets into Latin America. With our office in Madrid, Intertrust Spain has responded with a matching services portfolio of the highest quality.


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Favourable treaty network and tax exemptions:

The Spanish tax authorities have done much to attract foreign investment. The Spanish Holding company (ETVE) for example allows parties to benefit from the 'participation exemption' Spain offers to foreign participations as well as the wide network of tax treaties Spain has with Latin America.

Local expertise, global reach:

As part of the Intertrust global network, we'll gladly assist you with your accounting, tax compliance and corporate secretarial work, allowing you to comply with all formal obligations.

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We are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements in order to ensure the best solution for your situation. For additional information, please contact:

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Business Development Manager, Intertrust Spain
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