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Notice of amendment and waiver for bonds issued by Columbidae Properties Holding AB (publ)

16 November 2020

To the holders of the EUR, NOK and SEK senior secured callable pik interest bonds 2020/2023 with ISIN SE0014111357, SE0014111365, SE0014111373, SE0014111431, SE0014111449, NO0010877426, NO0010877434, NO0010877442, NO0010877459 and NO0010877467 issued by Columbidae Properties Holding AB (publ) (formerly Gemma Properties Holding AB (publ)) (the “Issuer”) on 19 March 2020 and 24 March 2020, respectively (the “Bonds”).

In accordance with an agreement dated 18 March 2020, Högmora Förvaltning AB and Gemma Development AB (formerly Bleck Invest AB) have pledged certain properties, including inter alia the properties Malung-Sälen Rörbäcksnäs 20:513–520 and 20:547–556 (the “Properties”), as security for inter alia the Issuer’s obligations under the Finance Documents, including the Issuer’s obligations under the Bonds. The Properties are currently subject to a joint mortgage certificate (Sw. saminteckning) and in order to facilitate future disposals of the Properties, it has been agreed that the joint mortgage certificate shall be converted into separate mortgage certificates, whereby one mortgage certificate is issued for each Property (the “Certificate Conversion”).

At the request of the Issuer, the Trustee has in accordance with paragraph (a) of Clause 19.1.1 of the Terms and Conditions agreed to the Certificate Conversion.

The Waiver will be effective as of today 16 November 2020 and the Amendment will be effective as of the date when all new mortgage certificates have been issued by Swedish National Land Survey.

Please see the full notice of waiver and amendment.

For questions to the Trustee:

Beatrice Gustafsson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +46 70 141 1082

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