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Partnering with an independent third party for your loan administration and cash management services can help you accelerate the possible for your loan transaction.

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A leading provider of cash management solutions

Our cash management (also referred to as collateral or portfolio administration) services come as part of our loan administration capabilities. With the rise of debt funds and increasing concerns around bank syndicate member independence, the provision of facility agent, loan administration and cash management solutions by an independent third-party can add real value to your capital markets loan transaction. You can rely on our expertise as we’re active across public and private, rated and non-rated transactions.

Using a fund or SPV, you’ll acquire a portion of a loan, liaising with the facility agent to do so, and hold it as part of the wider investment or eligible assets of the structures. As a cash manager, we’ll receive all notices, Interest and Principal (scheduled and unscheduled) and dependent on the structure, the servicer’s files.

We’re responsible for processing underlying collateral purchases and sales and monitoring and reconciling the cash accounts linked to transactions. We’ll then report to the investors on whether purchases and sales of assets comply with the terms of investment. In the final stages, the overall holdings are reported, and the returns are given to investors with payments run via waterfall (priorities of payment). We always act in an independent mechanical capacity in strict compliance with the deal documentation. This also includes initial and ongoing KYC on deal-related parties including new bondholders or investors on private placements.

Our market-leading platform eliminates the room for error in what can be a complex and high-volume task. With our expertise, we can help you navigate the complexities so you can focus on empowering your business to succeed.

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