Conduit and commercial paper service

Our financial governance team focuses on a broad scope of post-closing services for complex conduit transactions including ABCP Conduit Administration and Collateral Administration.

As administrators, we have an important role and responsibility for the conduit’s strategic and day-to-day operation. With investors’ heightened interest in the assets held by conduits, and how administrators manage various exposures, the administration function should never be overlooked. We provide a wide range of standard and bespoke services that best suit the needs of conduit administration.

Our areas of expertise

  • Arranging funding of the vehicle
  • Instructing funds movements
  • Ensuring fees are received and paid
  • Keeping transaction records
  • Monitoring bank account balances
  • Preparing and distributing monthly performance reports, drawing on support facilities as required
  • Monitoring compliance with legal documents
  • Bookkeeping
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