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Domiciliation services and entity management services

With our international network of highly skilled professionals, we offer a full range of domiciliation and management services. Wherever you are in the world, we have the local expertise on the ground to support you.

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A local partner for your needs

Running a business, no matter how big or small, means you need to be aware of and comply with local regulations, which can vary per country. We want your venture to hit the ground running, and with our expertise we can make sure you’re fully compliant. Work with our team of highly skilled professionals who can provide you with a full range of domiciliation and management services.

Local expertise

Our local experts work alongside you to shape your official presence abroad. From a registered office to a physical office space, we’re the local partner for your international operations.

Our domiciliation and entity management services include


We're your partner when it comes to registered office addresses and fully integrated office solutions


We provide corporate secretary services, with experienced directors or proxy-holders and governance reviews


Benefit from our registered and process agent services

Case study

Entering the Chinese market can be complex. This is how we helped Regenacy Pharmaceuticals with its expansion.

Entering the Chinese market can be complex, which is why Regenacy Pharmaceuticals chose Intertrust Group to help with its expansion.