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Escrow and settlement service

Having a trusted, neutral third party holding your funds is a beneficial business tool. The expertise of a knowledgeable and trusted escrow agent can make a notable difference to the success of any transaction.

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Dedicated and trusted settlement services

Escrow accounts have become essential to merger and acquisition transactions. They speed up completion, mitigate potential contractual breaches, and offer reliable support for all parties.

Although there’s no obligation to use an escrow account when making a transaction, there’s also no sense in making a deal without this level of financial security.

Escrow arrangements protect businesses against unknown risks which might happen after a takeover, or when money is released to the sellers during the closing process.

We specialise in establishing tailor-made escrow agreements that are geared to service cross-border transactions, governed by the laws of many key jurisdictions.

We can act as an independent third party for both buyers and sellers. Setting up an escrow account deposited with us enables transacting parties in the M&A deal to avoid a conflict of interest.

Our extensive knowledge of both the legal and operational aspects, quick execution, and a true understanding of the interests of different stakeholders, have made us a global player in our industry.

Professional international escrow services

Thanks to our experience and teamwork, we have been facilitating complex escrows with tight deadlines, alongside high-value and cross-border paying agency mandates, for more than a decade.

We are supervised by local financial authorities and have been licensed by the Dutch Central Bank to operate as a payment provider.

We’ve also successfully executed numerous paying agency mandates in all major currencies, often involving FX requirements and disbursements to more than 100 payees across multiple geographies and time zones. We’ve demonstrated our flexibility in applying a simple structure to several complicated contracts.

Despite the complexity of the deals involved, our wide experience and industry expertise allow us to deal with onboarding rapidly and efficiently – tackling complications and ensuring deadlines are met every time.

Types of escrow transactions


These include warranty claims, deferred considerations, and shareholder payments


This can be investor aggregation and disbursement, settlement of shares and cash consideration, and coupon collateral


This includes proof of funds and payment security, collateralised lending structure, and collateral management

Why choose us for your escrow and settlement?


Even in the most complex transactions, we seek to implement simple and cost-effective structures using straightforward legal documentation, making it easier for you and your legal counsel to work with.


Our payments team focuses purely on the management, administration, and oversight of all our escrow accounts. We will guide you through the set-up, maintenance, and closure of each escrow account.


Our global team includes highly qualified senior managers, former lawyers with experience at leading law firms, and operational specialists.


We’re always happy to discuss bespoke arrangements. Our products can be tailored to meet many different requirements, situations, and jurisdictions.


Our commercial team is fully integrated with our dedicated payment and client on-boarding teams, meaning we can handle queries, turn around legal documentation, and process your 'KYC' information quickly and efficiently.