Pension plans

We specialise in providing trustee and/or plan administration services to a range of regional and global pension plans. The plan types in iinternational pension plans (pre and post A day), transfer trusts, local corporate pension plans, global retirement savings plans and individual pension plans.

Our clients include large international corporates spanning a range of industries and global locations, as well as the Channel Islands, UK and international individuals.

Our services

Intertrust’s Pension Plans are master trusts and with the use of our InVision, our financial modelling technology, we can help participants focus on delivering the outcome required to meet their retirement income needs. This allows us to offer a clear pension strategy that helps participants focus on the outcome of their pension savings so they can drive the right behaviours today to achieve their future goals.

The Intertrust Pension Plans include:

  • Locally approved and QROPS recognised corporate plans for international and local clients (Article 131A approved)
  • Tax approved plans for local corporate entities and individuals in Jersey and Guernsey (QROPS recognised)
  • QNUPS qualifying pensions utilising Guernsey’s flexible investment pensions legislation

Our technology

Classic Awards and Tailored Awards

These market leading and bespoke administration systems provide 24/7 access to plan award data for employers, employees and individuals to manage their pension plans. For more information on Classic Awards and Tailored Awards view our flyers.


InVision is our financial modelling technology that helps you forecast and plan how you could achieve your retirement and investment goals.

The interactive and user-friendly tool takes into account your age, current portfolio value and appetite for risk as well your contribution start date, planned drawdown, desired annual income and total target. It also considers external factors such as inflation and interest rates. Other cash flows including existing pension transfers, personal and/or employer contributions, tax free lump sums and any annual drawdowns you have planned are factored in. Once complete, you’ll see a detailed analysis of your preferred outcome along with a full report, giving you confidence in your decision making.

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