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The set-up and management of your fund structures can be onerous. We can help you accelerate the possible.

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A seamless offering across the entire fund lifecycle

The number of new funds coming to market continues to accelerate year-on-year but the challenges in establishing and managing each fund remain. There are many considerations early on that need to be navigated; from which fund structure to use, to selecting the most appropriate domicile, to designing the right operating model and finding the right balance between internal and external resources.

When forming your fund, you’ll be focused on coordinating its launch, ensuring the capital-raising process runs smoothly and managing the ongoing day-to-day fund activity. All whilst remaining responsive to investor demands and keeping abreast with market changes and regulations.

And, as your fund reaches its maturity, whether it’s because you’ve realised your investments or because you’re looking to change your structure, you’re going to want the process to be as smooth and painless as possible.

Our global team of 4,000 experts can provide a tailored service from set-up through to wind-down. We’ve helped managers of all sizes. Whether you’re an established manager looking to launch your next fund, or a new manager looking to set up for the first time, we’re on hand to provide step-by-step expertise, structuring and compliance, best practice reporting templates and investor communications to help ensure the capital-raising process ​runs smoothly. As you successfully execute your exit strategy, our team can ensure your funds close keeps to schedule and returns are distributed.

Our services include:

  • Establishing fund vehicles and SPVs in any jurisdiction
  • Assisting in the selection of the optimal fund domicile and vehicle
  • Coordination of liquidation and entity dissolution processes
  • A capital raising document repository​
  • Investor and manager due diligence​ and onboarding/KYC
  • Conducting anti-money laundering checks and reviewing subscriptions
  • Cash management​
  • Fund accounting, administration, financial and performance reporting
  • AIFMD Depositary and AIF management company services
  • Compliance services, including regulatory authorisation and ongoing compliance monitoring and tax compliance with FATCA and CRS
  • Investor distributions
  • Carried interest, waterfall and distribution calculations
  • Tax filings and compliance​
  • If the investment horizon extends: restructure, re-invest, exit via the secondary market or IPO

Investors look to new managers for niche, added-value investment opportunities. Read our guide on how to successfully launch a first-time fund.

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Rakiza decided to work with us as our bespoke service and operating model is designed to deal with both the joint venture arrangement and the uniqueness of the fund itself.

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