Fund formation and liquidation

We know the challenges involved in establishing, managing and winding up your private capital fund, and have the resources and expertise in-house to launch yours as efficiently as possible.

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We can accelerate the possible across all stages of the fund life cycle

We offer a full range of fund services, from setup to administration, to private capital funds. Picking the right jurisdictions for a new fund is critical.

Flexible regulations, little overhead, a good community of similar funds and a domicile that is easy for investors to understand are all key. We can coordinate the launch of your fund, offering simple step-by-step guidance, best practice reporting templates and investor communications to ensure the capital-raising process runs smoothly.

As you successfully execute your investment exit strategy and exit your investment portfolio, you want the transactions to complete as efficiently as possible. Any carried interest, waterfalls and distributions need to be expertly calculated and the windup process should be seamless, including liquidations and any tax arrangements.

No matter where you are in your fund lifecycle, or which asset strategy you’ve chosen, our expertise can fully support you wherever you operate – and wherever you choose to domicile.

Investors look to new managers for niche, added-value investment opportunities. Read our guide on how to successfully launch a first-time fund.

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Rakiza decided to work with us as our bespoke service and operating model is designed to deal with both the joint venture arrangement and the uniqueness of the fund itself.

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Our global experts are on the ground, in all major fund locations, ready to be your trusted guide

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We can help you get your funds to market faster and showcase your team’s role in helping the fund invest, grow and thrive


Our holistic service offering provides cost-effective accounting and financial reporting services to funds and their underlying corporate structures