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We’re experts when it comes to global investor relations services and can help you navigate the complexity to ensure a coordinated approach in delivering investor information.

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Your partner in global investor relations solutions

We enhance investor servicing and reporting, mitigate operational risk and provide detailed data and analytics around accounts and regulatory needs. We provide global investor relations solutions to ensure coordinated investor information delivery.

Our teams are experienced in maintaining and updating investor records for investor data, managing capital account transactions and capital accounts and understanding what’s required for AML/KYC as well as other global and local regulatory obligations. We’re on hand to help navigate investor demand and requirements.

We prepare and send essential information to limited partners and other investors including:

  • Partner capital account statements
  • Perform calculations and send capital call notices
  • Perform calculations and send distribution notices
  • Assist with other tax and regulatory documents around regulatory and compliance requirements (e.g. FATCA, DAC6, CRS, Form PF etc.)
  • Customised reporting

Data and reporting

Our disclosure platform, loanbyloan, contains European Central Bank (ECB) template-compliant loan-level data, investor reports, offering circulars and more. The secured information is accessible for relevant market participants such as investors, rating agencies, regulators and originators via our secure website:

You can benefit from our professional teams, based in key financial markets across the world, meaning we’re able to unleash your potential to succeed through our global network.

With over 4,000 professionals worldwide, we have the expertise on the ground to help you with your investor servicing requirements.

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