Communication and confidentiality

We’re dedicated to helping you unleash the potential of your family wealth, whilst maintaining expert communication, confidentiality and discretion at all times.

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Regular communication means that we can refine our approach where needed and alert you in a timely fashion to critical developments which may affect your structure. As the relationship develops, we’ll work together and ensure our service can be delivered to meet your needs and unleash the potential of your private wealth goals.

We have strict policies in place to protect the confidentiality of your client records and information. Your privacy’s important to us and we’re committed to protecting your personal data, using systems which are encrypted to the highest standard. For further information on our Data Protection, Data Processing Protocols and GDPR, please visit our legal pages.

Our approach to communication and confidentiality enables our dedicated teams to keep you briefed on a range of issues relating to projects, fee estimates, billing and the use of third-party advisors. Such an approach helps us gain a greater understanding of your structure.

We strongly believe that our communication and robust privacy and confidentiality protocols are fundamental to seamless and successful structure management and underpin all of our client relationships.

Every client has a dedicated team allocated to them who understands their structure, goals and objectives.

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They are efficient, they understand the needs of their clients and they are very professional.” Private wealth client

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We're proud of our heritage. We’ve adopted solutions according to changes in legislation and governance for over 65 years


We put you first, understanding the nuances of working in different jurisdictions and what it takes to operate both globally and locally


Our collegiate approach is balanced to suit you and your needs