The future of fund technology

Nearly two-thirds of private capital funds plan to invest more in technology in the next five years – but where will these investments go? And who will be the pioneers? Our report explores this challenge, and more.

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Today’s private capital funds face many challenges, from global economic uncertainty and pandemic recovery, to mounting ESG pressures. But embracing technology can ease the burden – accelerating processes, and even paving the way for new products and services.

We recently surveyed 300 C-level decision-makers at private capital funds around the world, to garner their views on new technologies in the fund administration space. An overwhelming majority say increased technology and automation will be “vital” to growth over the coming years. However, many say they are still waiting before they take the plunge.

Our latest report examines which technologies have the power to transform private capital operations – as well as the barriers to entry.

Read on for more key insights from our research.

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Top takeaways


Nearly seven in 10 say increasing their level of technology and automation will be “vital” to growth in the next five years


But only six in 10 are actually planning to invest


Nearly half say they prefer to wait until technologies have been “tried and tested”


But nearly a quarter like to be pioneers


Almost half say Blockchain will be the most transformative tool in the private capital space


And nearly half say investor reporting will benefit most from tech investment

Our report insights

Bringing private capital funds into the era of digital technology

Our COO and Global Head of Funds and Product, Chitra Baskar, delves into our research and how tech innovation can transform private capital funds.

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Are private capital funds embracing innovation?

Nandakishore Divakarla, our Head of Innovation, considers why private capital funds lag behind in adopting the tools that will help them stay competitive.

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Automation technologies give private capital funds an edge

David Sarfas, our Head of Private Capital, looks at the benefits of robot process automation, machine learning, blockchain and other innovations for private capital funds.

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What are the barriers to greater automation for private capital funds?

Jonathan White, Global Head of Fund Sales, looks at the barriers to adoption of automation technologies among private capital funds.

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How private capital funds can use technology to manage data complexity

Our Head of Fund Solutions for EMEA and APAC, Ritesh Rathi, explores how private capital funds can harness technology to strengthen data management.

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Key experts

Chitra Baskar

Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Funds & Product

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David Sarfas

Managing Director, Private Capital

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Nandakishore Divakarla

Head of Innovation

Jonathan White

Global Head of Fund Sales

Ritesh Rathi

Head of Fund Solutions, EMEA and APAC