Emerging Fund Managers

29 January 2021

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We’re seeing more and more investors looking to new managers for niche, tactical, added-value investment opportunities.

We’ve had great success over the years in helping managers launch their first fund. Our extensive knowledge of the sector, the relationships we’ve built with trusted advisers, lawyers and other professional partners, and our focus on the painstaking details that underpin all fund launches, have seen us support more and more new managers globally.

Our funds experts across the globe have produced a guide for Emerging Fund Managers in response to increased market interest in this area. It’s of use to those looking to set up and add scale to a private capital fund.

A number of our trusted advisers and partners have contributed to this guide, as they see the value in supporting this market. Around a third of the managers we’ve helped have gone on to launch larger, subsequent funds and build successful careers for themselves.

It’s broken down into the following six key areas:

  1. Fund structuring
  2. Fundraising
  3. Fund administration at launch
  4. Fund financing
  5. Fund administration during the fund’s life
  6. Fund governance

The guide provides useful information to consider in making a new manager’s life easier in successfully launching a new fund. We’ve had great success over the years in helping managers launch their first fund. A significant part of our success comes from taking as much administrative ‘weight’ off the managers’ shoulders as possible – leaving them the time and space to focus on running the fund.

We have three versions available relevant to managers in Europe, the US and Asia:

Read the Europe introduction

Read the US introduction

Read the Asia introduction

If you would like to receive the full guide, please get in touch.