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29 Sep 2022

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Rules, Compliance, Respect

28 Sep 2022

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ESG: Tackling the EU Taxonomy

10 Mar 2022

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Case Study: X Machina Capital Strategies

31 May 2022

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Catherine Flax, President of Private Markets with X Machina Capital Strategies (XMC) sits down with Ken Reischmann to shine light on how Intertrust Group is helping XMC as a relatively new fund, and what Intertrust Group’s industry expertise and existing relationships mean for the future of XMC.

X Machina Capital Strategies (XMC) is a New York City based firm that develops systematic, quantitative strategies for private investment in energy and commodities. As a new and emerging fund, XMC took to finding a third-party partner who not only possessed a history of experience and success, but more importantly, high-end industry relationships that are helping XMC accelerate their growth.


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