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Rules, Compliance, Respect – Singapore

27 Oct 2022

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Rules, Compliance, Respect – Guernsey

12 Oct 2022

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Rules, Compliance, Respect – Jersey

11 Oct 2022

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Diversity, equity & inclusion

4 May 2022

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At a recent Intertrust Group funds industry thought leadership event in New York City, an accomplished group of financial services experts shared their insights on the status of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the investment world, how companies have implemented successful initiatives and measured impact, and how DEI continues to evolve.


  • Judith Peterson, Head of Marketing, Americas, Intertrust Group
  • Sandra Powers Murphy, Founder, Noble Ark Ventures
  • Josette Thompson, Managing Director, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Prosek Partners
  • Rebecca Chia, Head of Business Development and Investor Relations, Atalaya Capital Management

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